Chinese Canadian Crew

The EMPRESS OF ASIA completed her 307th and last crossing of the Pacific on January 11th, 1941. Two days later the ship was formally requisitioned as a troop carrier and preparations were begun for the delivery of the ship to Liverpool for refitting.

While in the peace time mercantile trade the EMPRESS OF ASIA was manned in part by a Chinese crew that were recruited in Asia, signed on under Hong Kong Articles, and had filled positions in the Engine, Deck and Catering Departments.  When the ship was requisitioned, the Chinese crew (with the exception of four individuals) were discharged.

These four became members of the delivery crew that sailed the ship to Liverpool for conversion to a troop carrier.  After the conversion they remained with the ship on the voyage to Suez and to Singapore.  After the loss of the EMPRESS OF ASIA at Sultan Shoal the four were successfully repatriated to North America.

Two, Chan Kam and Chan Lam are reported by the Vancouver Daily Province (May 19, 1942 Page 3) to have arrived in Vancouver.


Chan, Kam Joiner
Chan, Lam Joiner
Chang, Tin Yau  (Chan, Tin Yau) Rustyman
Win, Chin (Wu Chiu) Storekeeper

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