The EMPRESS OF ASIA completed her 307th and last crossing of the Pacific on January 11th, 1941. Two days later the ship was formally requisitioned as a troop carrier and preparations were begun for the delivery of the ship to Liverpool for refitting.

While in the peace time mercantile trade the EMPRESS OF ASIA was manned in part by a Chinese crew that were recruited in Asia, signed on under Hong Kong Articles, and had filled positions in the Engine, Deck and Catering Departments.  When the ship was requisitioned, the Chinese crew (with the exception of four individuals) were discharged.  Replacements were recruit for the vacated positions.  Almost an entire Engine Room crew of Engineers, Firemen, Greasers, and Trimmers were brought to Vancouver from the Great Lakes shipping industry of Ontario.

Those that accepted positions for the delivery of THE EMPRESS OF ASIA were offered the choice, upon reaching Britain, of remaining as members of the crew or of repatriation to Canada.  

The EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed for Britain on February 13th 1941.  The ship sailed through Panama, where a stop for bunkering was made, and then continued for Britain by way of Jamaica and Bermuda reaching the Firth of Clyde in late March 1941.

After a brief stay at Scotland that ship sailed for Liverpool were the modifications for troop carrying duties were made.  Accommodation and cooking facilities were improved and armaments added.

The ship was armed with a 6" gun, a 3" HA, 6 Oerlikons, 8 Hotchkiss, Bofors, 4 PAC rockets and depth charges. Concrete protective reinforcements were added to the Bridge.

The refit was completed by the end of April 1941 when the EMPRESS OF ASIA sailed with over 2,000 troops bound for Suez via the Cape of Good Hope.

The following table contains the names of the crewmembers that delivered the EMPRESS OF ASIA from Vancouver to Liverpool during 1941.

Alexander, H. M. Engineer
Anderson, A. Boy Seaman
Anderson, C. Greaser
Anderson, M.F. Fireman
Avery, R. Trimmer
Bains, J. Cook
Baker, J. Fireman
Bald, J. Chief Engineer
Balens, A. Trimmer
Ballan, W. Surgeon
Barrett, B. Greaser
Barry, R. Boy Seaman
Baxter, C. Ordinary Seaman
Beattie, R.A. Greaser
Bernel, L.J. Baker
Best, R. Trimmer
Boddy, J. Fireman
Bowman, C. Steward
Boychuk, J. Trimmer
Boyd, F. Able Seaman
Brennan, R. Greaser
Bryce, R. Greaser
Bulley, T.E. Linenkeeper
Burke, G. Leading Seaman
Burns, G. Able Seaman
Caldicott, D.H. Able Seaman DEMS
Campbell, A. Trimmer
Carzi, E. Trimmer
Cas, R. Able Seaman DEMS
Chan, Kam Joiner
Chan, Lam Joiner
Chang, Tin Yau  (Chan, Tin Yau) Rustyman
Chretien, V. Cook
Collette, W. Trimmer
Conlin, P. Plate Scullery
Connal, E. Trimmer
Connell, H.A. Marconi Operator
Cook, T. Able Seaman
Corcoran, W.F. Fireman
Costello, M.W. Ordinary Seaman
Cottingham, W.L. Master-at-Arms
Cranney, H. Fireman
Crannie, P. Fireman
Cripps, N. Fireman
Crofts, C.W. 2nd Officer
Crone, A. Fireman
Cunningham, A. Donkeyman
Cushin, L.F. Storekeeper
Dankoski, S. Trimmer
Davidson, W. Steward
Davis, A. Steward
Davis, D. Fireman
Davis, F. Messboy
Davis, J. Trimmer
Dean, D. Fireman
Dean, J. Quarter Master
Dean, W. Fireman
Denton, P.M. Fireman
Devoe, F. Trimmer
Dibb, B. Ordinary Seaman
Donnelly, J.W. 3rd Officer
Doolittle, L. Cook
Drummond, J. Sanitation Engineer
Duff, J.N. Able Seaman
Duff, P. Fireman
Edgington, A. Able Seaman
Elworthy, D.R. Pantryman
Elyea, W. Fireman
Everett, A. Trimmer
Ewart, J.N. Captain's Steward
Ferguson, G.M. Fireman
Ferguson, W. Fireman
Fergusson, A. Fireman
Fisher, J.S. Ordinary Seaman
Ford, E. Able Seaman
Fraser, G.W. Storekeeper
Garvie, L. Fireman
Gee, A.E. Chef
Gibb, F. Steward
Gillespie, F.T. Chief Electrician
Gillett, C.J.O. Boy Seaman
Gilmour, G. Greaser
Glover,  W.F. Fireman
Gonely, B.F. Chief Purser
Gorse, C.F. Engineer
Gould, C.E. Fireman
Greenslade, R. Trimmer
Grise, W. Greaser
Hales, J. Fireman
Hall, G. Engineer
Harding, H. Trimmer
Harris, B. Fireman
Harrison, H. Trimmer
Hart, J.W. Greaser
Heathcote, W. Able Seaman
Henshaw, W.V. Fireman
Higgs, E.E. Ordinary Seaman
Hill, R. Fireman
Hinds, A. Fireman
Hogan, W.J.P. Fireman
Holden, F.A. Messman
Holmes, A.W. Engineer
Holmes, H.P. Cook
Hosken, G. Able Seaman
Houston, W.B. Fireman
Howard, W. Fireman
Howe, A. Messboy
Humphrey, W. Butcher
Jackman, S.F. Trimmer
Jackson, J. Trimmer
Johnston, L.H. 1st Officer
Johnston, N. Trimmer
Johnston, R.A. Fireman
Johnstone, J. Fireman
Jones, W.H. Storekeeper
Jordison, H. Trimmer
Julian, F. Trimmer
Justice, H.G.F. Fireman
Kavanagh, J. Engineer
Kearney, M. Trimmer
Keeling, T. Messman
Keith, W. Fireman
Knowlan, E. Able Seaman
Kocsis, J. Engineers' Messboy
Krause, J. Steward
Lamb, A.M. Engineer
Lane, L.R. Marconi Operator
Lansley, K. Fireman
Largis, J. Greaser
Larsen, E. Trimmer
Lasky, M. Cook
LePatourel, P.A. Bridge Cadet
Lewis, W. Fireman
Linn, S. Greaser
Lipsin, J. Able Seaman DEMS
Litster, D.B. Greaser
Longfield, A.G. Able Seaman
Lord, H. Trimmer
Lorrain, A. Cook
Lumley, B. Fireman
MacDonald, R.A. Engineer
Macinnes, P. Quarter Master
MacKay, J. Fireman
MacLeod, A. Ordinary Seaman
Manning, L.A. Fireman
Marion, L. Cook
Masson, J. Engineer
Matthews, R. Able Seaman
Mayer, C.A. Trimmer
McAlpine, D. Able Seaman
McArthur, L. Fireman
McArthur, N. Fireman
McArthur, W.H. Engineer
McCandle, J. Able Seaman
McDonald, K. Able Seaman
McDougall, G. Trimmer
McDougall, H. Baker
McGhee, J. Trimmer
McIntyre, G. Ordinary Seaman
McKean, R.A. Refrigeration Engineer
McKenzie, R.B. Fireman
McKillop, E.D. Butcher
McKinnon, W.R. Boy Seaman
McLean, H. 5th Officer
McLeod, E. Trimmer
McLeod, F. Fireman
Meikle, G.L. Electrician
Miller, A. Fireman
Miller, L. Fireman
Milne, J. Fireman
Mitchell, C. Trimmer
Mitchell, T. Fireman
Moran, B.D. Purser
Morris, G. Fireman
Morrison, J.H. Officers' Steward
Morton, T. Engineer
Murphy, J. Ordinary Seaman
Nesbitt, G.M. Fireman
Niejedli, A. Messboy
Niemi, H. Trimmer
Oatham, R. Steward
O'Brien, W.E. Trimmer
Ogilvie, F.T. Steward
Oliver, W. 4th Officer
Olsen, W. Trimmer
Olson, O. Messman
Otter, D. Fireman
Otter, H. Fireman
Peter, F. Leading Seaman
Phillips, C.F. Trimmer
Pickwell, S.J. Steward
Piercy, D.B. Steward
Pitt-Brooke, R. Purser's Cadet
Punter, E.R. Quarter Master
Read, G.C. Storekeeper
Record, F. Greaser
Record, M. Fireman
Reekie, G. Purser's Messenger
Reid, P. Fireman
Ricker, N. Greaser
Ridd, J.A. Fireman
Rigby, N. Chief Baker
Robb, J.H. Engineer
Roberts, T. Greaser
Robinson, R. Messman
Robinson, W.J. Purser
Ross, H.C. Trimmer
Rudd, C. Pantryman
Russell, A. Steward
Russell, B.E. Trimmer
Sadler, F.E. Able Seaman DEMS
Sandham, W. Able Seaman DEMS
Savage, J.W. Baker
Scheib, R. Fireman
Schmitt, G. Ordinary Seaman
Scott, A. Fireman
Semple, W. Engineer
Shelley, H. Trimmer
Sherman, R.G. Fireman
Simmons, F. Trimmer
Sims, P.J. Able Seaman
Skidmore, H. Able Seaman DEMS
Small, E. Steward
Smallwood, H. Butcher
Smith, A. Fireman
Smith, D. Carpenter
Smith, D. Chief Officer
Smith, H.M. Nurse
Smith, J.B. Commander
Smith, J.B. Fireman
Smith, J.B. Fireman
Smith, L. Able Seaman
Smith, S. Boatswain
Spooner, G. Fireman
Stainton, H. Engineer
Stanley, C. Cook
Stanway, G.W. Boy Seaman
Steel, J. Trimmer
Steinhauer, F. Trimmer
Stephens, T.E. Messboy
Stewart, T. Greaser
Strang, E.N. Able Seaman
Sutherland, M. Fireman
Swales, J. Trimmer
Switzer, P. Trimmer
Sylvester, M. Fireman
Taylor, E. Fireman
Taylor, G. Trimmer
Taylor, W. Messman
Thomas, H. Steward
Thomas, R.D. Marconi Operator
Tomlinson, J.A. Steward
Tozer, G. Boy Seaman
Tracksly, R.H. Able Seaman
Tran, G. Officers' Steward
Traynor, W. Fireman
Treloar, E.B. Engineer
Tremblay, W. Fireman
Tufnail, O.C. Barkeeper
Turnbull, W.E. Engineer
Tyack, P. Engineers' Steward
Walkenshaw, D. Trimmer
Walker, M. Fireman
Waltenbury, M. Fireman
Ward, J. Fireman
Watts, C.E. Storekeeper
Weaver, A. Quarter Master
Whiteside, J.A. Fireman
Wilde, John Fireman
Williams, D.B. Electrician
Williams, H.W. Quarter Master
Williams, T.R. Ordinary Seaman
Willington, D. Barber
Wilson, W. Fireman
Win, Chin (Wu Chiu) Storekeeper
Woodrow, J. Cook
Wright, F.S. Chief Steward
Wyles, A. Cook
Young, W. Engineers' Steward

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